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Opening your own dental office and practice can be overwhelming. Determining what is necessary to open your new practice is equally as daunting as performing for your clients every single day. Let HPRG work for you at no cost! Let us negotiate your lease, building purchase, or practice acquisition and take away all of your stress.

Hiring a dental consultant to aid in the buying, leasing or selling process can be expensive and also a waste of your time. Asking yourself these three questions below will help determine how much help you require and from whom you require help.

How much space do you need or want?

Where do you want to be located?

Do you know how to negotiate your lease?

What To Look For When Starting A New Dental Practice?

Thousands of dentists lose money each year by acquiring too big of a space, negotiate themselves a poor lease agreement, or end up in a bad location. We are here to help ensure that no landlord takes advantage of our clients again!

A great start when beginning the search for dental office space or a practice that is currently operating is to ask yourself, how many rooms or how much space do you need/want? Answering this simple question will help determine how much square footage you will need and will determine the size of your waiting area.

Some of the rooms you will need include: a waiting room with a front desk, a business checkout area, a handicapped bathroom, a mechanical closet, an IT closet, a lab and a sterilization area. These may be separate or together. This is why it is imperative to sit down and contemplate your needs prior to just acquiring space and thinking about the set-up of your office after the fact.

Advantages of Working With
Dental Tenant Broker

Help determine how long-term factors will affect your current lease scenario.

Bridge the gap between you and the landlord to help retain flexibility with your lease terms.

They know where to look for the best dental lease properties before those properties even hit the market.

List of Questions and Concerns To Ask When Contemplating Opening Your Own Practice:

When negotiating your lease, you want to have a long-term commitment in place. If you are doing a build-out your expense will be a large investment and taking the chance of having to move or rebuild in a new location any time sooner than 10 years would be unwise. It could take anywhere from 12 to 18 weeks to build-out a new dental office space. Working some free rent into your agreement will help generate income while the construction is being completed. Many owners today are willing to give you three months of free rent, but this can change at any given time.

A location in a high-rise building with occupied space on the floor below is usually the most costly as far as your construction or build-out fees are concerned, but typically is less per square foot in your lease expenses. If you’re a dental or orthodontic specialist who only works from referrals you can look for a less costly space on an upper floor. Your office can also be situated off a main road or you can locate in a building with less exposure.


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