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Are You A Medical Professional, Dentist, Or Vet That Is Looking For Medical Office Space To Open Up Your Own Private Practice?

HPRG can help you locate the medical or dental space you need in order to fulfill that dream! With no upfront costs or hidden fees let HPRG negotiate your lease, building purchase, or established practice acquisition!

Medical Office Space Representatives

A medical lease means more than simply acquiring the space for your medical practice. In fact, for most medical professionals, real estate represents the second-largest expense after personnel.

Whether you have one location or several, you need to understand the cost, stability and flexibility measures. Medical lease contracts must be properly administered, periodically audited and systematically managed to ensure they support your business strategy.

Because medical office space users and physician practices don’t typically relocate to new buildings as often as general office tenants, they are not in the market as often. It’s also interesting to note that competition for new patients is on the rise and directing doctor practices to non-hospital campus properties for convenient access locations is extremely common.

Determining the best location, size, equipment, market research and lease terms all become major aspects of your medical practice and office decisions. Our representatives understand all of these aspects and partner with the best to ensure a smooth transition!

Medical Office Space Lease Considerations

These are important medical space considerations before making the decision to follow through or seek the expertise of a tenant representative.

If your tenant representative has access to these resources you are one step ahead.

The Advantage Of Working With A Professional Medical Tenant Representative Who Knows Medical Real Estate Is Multi-Fold

They can help you assess how long-term factors will affect your current lease scenario. They can bridge the gap between you and the landlord to help retain flexibility with your lease terms. Finding the correct sized medical office space to rent or purchase will help with budgeting and determining your lease terms. HPRG has over 30+ years of experience saving medical professionals hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their careers!

So when it comes time to take on or renew a medical lease

Are you confident that you understand all of the moving parts well enough to make cogent decisions?


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